Secondary School Graduate Bursaries

The Thetis Island Community Fund offers graduating bursaries of $2000 to graduating high school students living on Thetis Island who plan to pursue post-secondary studies at an accredited institution.

For students attending Chemainus Secondary School (CHSS), the application process is handled through CHSS and involves submitting an application form along with a transcript of marks and a letter outlining educational plans and goals.

For students not attending CHSS, applications should be subimtted directly to the Board of the Community Fund. Applications should include: (i) a letter that outlines educational plans and goals and explains how the applicant meets the criteria listed below, (ii) a transcript of marks and (iii) a letter of reference from an educator who is familiar with the applicant's educational background and can verify s/he meets the qualifying criteria. Electronic submission is preferred (Email: For hard copy applications, please submit two copies to: Thetis Island Community Fund,  P.O. Box 12-14.

The qualifying criteria are as follows:

  • The student and his or her parent/s or guardian, must have been a resident of Thetis Island for a minimum of 3 years, including the year of high school graduation.
  • The student’s post-secondary education must commence within 19 months of high school graduation.
  • The student must be enrolled in a course of study of at least one year in an accredited institution of post secondary studies.
  • The student and/or the student’s family must have volunteered actively to the benefit of Thetis Island or its associated communities prior to high school graduation.
  • Student will provide the Community Fund with proof of paid tuition in the course of study, prior to receiving funds.

To collect the award, successful applicants must provide the Thetis Island Community Fund with proof of paid tuition in the course of study.

Please note that recipients will be asked to submit a brief update about their educational experience once they have begun their studies, to be included in the Community Fund's annual report.

For more information, please contact the Community Fund at or the CHSS counsellor at