The Community Fund is a local community-based organization with charitable tax status, made up of a seven-membered board. Two directors are appointed by each of the Thetis Island Residents’ & Ratepayers' Association (TIRRA) and Thetis Island Community Association (TICA). One is appointed by the Thetis Island Parents’ Association (TIPA). The two other members are appointed by, and at the discretion of, the Board as a whole. The process for Board appointments follow Guidelines that aim to ensure a diverse, competent and compassionate Board.

Board positions are 4 years each, and staggered in such a way that no more than 4 Board members change at every other annual general meeting (held in the Spring). At any one time, four of the seven Board members will hold the executive offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These offices are determined by the Board members and take into account the individual interests and skill sets of the members.

The Community Fund is managed according a Constitution and Bylaws that set out the purposes, Board composition and general proceedings.

Board members currently serving are: Tim French (President), Tricia Hunter (Vice-president)Lynn Hunter (Treasurer), Alisha Rennie (Secretary), Nicole Chiasson, Chad Kerr, and Ken Redman. Past Board members include Pat Vickers (2005–2009), Andrea Strachan (2005–2010), Den Kelsey (2005–2010), Graham Zirul (2008-2010), Ann Dickie (2005-2011 and 2016), Bill Sharp (2010-2012), Pauline Harwood (2011-2013), Dawn Gordon (2012-2013), Tom Milliken (2010-2015), Don Sinclair (2012-15 and 2016), Jamie Hayward (2015), Lesley Buhr (2015-16), Teresa Moore (2010-2016), Alana DeLong (2015-2016), Kelly Bannister (2009-2016), and Ellen Rush (2005-2017)

Current community organizational appointments as of April 2017 are as follows:

  • TIRRA: Tim French and Nicole Chiasson
  • TICA: Tricia Hunter and Chad Kerr
  • TIPA: Ken Redman
  • Board appointed: Alisha Rennie