Accessing Funds

The Community Fund provides financial assistance to Thetis Island residents and the community at large to address education, medical treatment needs, support of seniors, and community well-being. The underlying objective of the Community Fund is to promote our sense of community through the support of initiatives relating to the above.

Eligibility and Application Process

All Thetis Island residents are eligible to apply for support, as are other registered charities that function on, or otherwise operate for, the benefit of Thetis islanders. Applications are encouraged to be made in writing by email ( or mail/drop box (Box 12-14) and may be submitted by individuals (with the agreement of those individuals), on behalf of individuals, or by groups. 

Anyone who is considering making a request for support is welcome to first discuss the request with any Board member at any time. This is especially encouraged where financial assistance for medical care is involved.

All applications will be treated with confidentiality and sensitivity. Typically requests would be for assistance in meeting short-term expenses, or complementing an applicant’s own resources, to bridge a particular period of need. Since the timing of a given request may affect the possibility and timing of support, requests should be made as much in advance as possible. Retroactive requests may be considered for health-related requests if merited by the situation, but will not be considered for educational/training related requests. All requests for assistance will be acknowledged upon receipt by the Board and an estimated timeframe for a decision will be provided.

Considerations for Review

Depending on the nature of the request, any number of the following criteria will apply:

  • financial need where other funds are not reasonably available
  • demonstrated commitment and/or active participation by the applicant to support the request (e.g., cost sharing)
  • demonstrated interest and commitment to the Thetis Island community
  • benefit returning to the community (e.g., shared learning when related to higher education)
  • acceptance in a specific program or course of study (as related to higher education)

Applicants are encouraged to include information related to the considerations above, in support of their request. While these considerations will serve as guidelines to steer the Boards review of requests, the Board has the duty to exercise its best judgement in assessing each individual request in the context of current priorities, existing commitments and the ongoing viability of the fund.

For further information about the Thetis Island Community Fund, please visit our website or contact a Board member.

Current version as of April 2012