About Us

The Thetis Island Community Fund originated from the Community Forum in Summer of 2003, where it was decided that a stand alone umbrella charitable society, separate from the Thetis Island Community Association (TICA), was desirable for Thetis Island. The Community Fund was incorporated in December 2005 and granted charitable tax status in Fall of 2006. Transfer of the money from TICA's Health & Education Fund to the Community Fund took place in early 2007 to contribute to meeting broader community needs.

The Community Fund is managed by a seven-member volunteer Board and governed according to a Constitution and Bylaws that set out the purpose, Board composition and general proceedings.


  • To be a trusted partner in enriching the lives of Thetis Islanders


  • To contribute the quality of life of Thetis Islanders by stimulating, enabling and guiding the generosity of our compassionate and caring community.


  • To provide funds for medical treatment and care
  • To advance all levels of learning through education, scholarships, equipment
  • To provide support services for seniors
  • To give funds to other registered charities

With the initial start up years behind us, the Community Fund has begun a new phase of organizational development to better clarify processes and share information with Thetis Islanders and the wider community through this website and regular reporting. Your contributions and input are greatly valued.