Lifeline Subscriptions

Lifeline is a personal monitoring system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system uses specialized equipment connected through the telephone lines. The subscriber wears a personal button as a pendant around the neck or a wrist band. Immediately after pushing the Personal Help Button, a trained Lifeline monitor is able to respond to the call and assist the subscriber in getting help, such as contacting a family member or trusted friend, or arranging an ambulance. For more information, please see How Does Lifeline Work or contact the Comox Valley Lifeline Society.

Subscription to the Lifeline button service is provided to Thetis Island by the Comox Valley Lifeline Society.  Volunteers in the Chemainus area serve Thetis Island subscribers by coordinating installations and servicing the Lifeline equipment. If you have questions about the Lifeline service on Thetis Island, please visit the Comox Valley Lifeline Society website or contact them directly at:

Tel: (250) 338-4255
Fax: (250) 338-4922
Toll Free (BC and Alberta): 1 (866) 205-6160

The Thetis Island Community Fund supports the full or partial cost of annual Lifeline subscriptions for Thetis Islanders who are in need of the service but find the cost a barrier.

Basic Information:

Subscriptions are annual and the cost is about $30/month.

Initiating a subscription takes a few days and involves the following:

1. The subscriber or a family member makes a request to Comox Valley Lifeline Society.

2. Forms are sent and information is completed.

3. A site visit is made by Chemainus volunteers to set up the service and deliver paperwork.


Special note for Veterans:

Veterans Affairs will cover subscription for Veterans. This may require a doctor's prescription.

Subscribers who are Veterans (or their family member) should contacts Veterans Affairs directly.