Guidelines for Thetis Island Community Fund Board Appointments

Board composition - The Community Fund is a not for profit organization with charitable tax status, made up of a seven-membered board. Two directors are appointed by each of the Thetis Island Residents’ & Ratepayers' Association (TIRRA) and Thetis Island Community Association (TICA). One is appointed by the Thetis Island Parents’ Association (TIPA). The two other members are appointed by, and at the discretion of, the Board as a whole.

Board terms - Board positions are 4 years each, and staggered in such a way that no more than 4 Board members change at every other annual general meeting (in the Spring).

Board roles – At any one time, four of the seven board members will hold the executive offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These offices are determined by the Board members and take into account the individual interests and skill sets of the members. Ideally, each board member will spend some time during their term in an executive role. Time commitment (not including executive duties) is typically a 2-5 hours per month for reviewing requests, email communication and in-person meetings (at least 6 meetings per year).

Recommended TICF Board appointment process – Within three months time of the end of a Board member’s term, the appointing organization should identify and rank a short list of individuals who are members in good standing of their organization and meet the “Guidelines for Board appointments” described below. This list is typically generated by the president of the appointing organization (i.e., TIRRA, TICA or TIPA) in consultation with that organization’s Board or Executive. Once an individual has been contacted, confirmed his/her capacity to meet the commitment involved, and confirmed his/her willingness to be appointed, the Community Fund should be notified to affirm the appointment through its internal processes. It is recommended that the list of prospective Board members be retained by the appointing organization (i.e., TIRRA, TICA or TIPA) and re-visited from time to time to use for future appointments. It is the joint responsibility of the Community Fund Board member whose term is expiring and the appointing organization (i.e., TIRRA, TICA or TIPA) to initiate the appointment (or re-appointment) process sufficiently in advance of the end of the Board term. 

Guidelines for Board appointments – Ideally, the Community Fund Board is comprised of individuals who span a wide age range, are from a diversity of backgrounds, and have varied personal and professional experiences. Board members need to be genuinely interested in the well-being of the Thetis Island community, have a demonstrated commitment and responsibility in their personal and/or professional lives commensurate with being a Board member of a community organization with charitable tax status, and embrace a consensus approach to decision-making. Specialized leadership and skills (or an aptitude for such) in the areas of communications, fund-raising, financial management and general record keeping are an asset. At times, due to Board turnover, a new appointee may be required to take up an executive position at the beginning of his/her appointment. In such cases, this expectation will be made known to the appointing organization so it can be considered as part of the selection process.

Board re-appointments - Board members whose term has ended may be reappointed to serve another term. If a Board member is unable to complete a full term of appointment, the appointing organization should select a replacement from their list to fulfill the remaining term as soon as possible. Any organization that appoints a Board member is entitled to remove that person and appoint a successor to fulfill the term.

Interested in being a Board member? The composition of the Community Fund board continuously changes as board terms end or individuals need to leave for various reasons before their term ends. Expressions of interest are welcome at any time for community members who would like to serve on the board and these will be considered when a vacancy arises. Expressions of interest should outline your motivation and how you see yourself contributing to the organization in general and in terms of relevant experience or specific skill sets. Feel free to contact any Board member for more information or to discuss your interest.