Annual Campaign Month

As many of you know the Thetis Island Community Fund usually sends out an annual campaign letter every October.  However, this year we thought we would simply say hello via electronically and save on letter printing costs. It has been an interesting year for the TICF with donations coming in but not many requests needing financial aid, which in turn has allowed our bank account to remain quite happy and healthy. 

Our board members are honoured to be stewards of your generosity and in turn, do not wish to ask for funding simply because it is ‘that time of year’. We encourage islanders, especially those of you who are new to Thetis, to check out our website to familiarize yourselves with the purposes of the TICF. Should anyone be in financial need for medical, educational, or senior support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For those of you who faithfully have donated to the TICF every year, you certainly are still welcome to do so. You can find green donation tax slips and return envelopes in the drop box or donate via our PayPal link located on our website.

The state of our funds presently is a testament to the generosity of this wonderful community! We value your support and don’t wish to pressure you needlessly, knowing that if a substantial need arises in the future, giving hearts will come forward to support the Thetis Island Community Fund.


Tricia Hunter  
TICF - President