Welcome to the website of the Thetis Island Community Fund! Our goal is to share information about the Community Fund's history and current actvities.

The Community Fund was created to provide an opportunity for all of us to share with our friends and neighbours, according to our abilities. The needs of our community are ongoing, and thanks to our donors, the Community Fund can assist with funding for health, education, seniors' needs and support for other registered charities or organizations that are otherwise qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Contact information and an online comment form is found on the Contact Us page. All photos on the site are from Thetis Island and were contributed by community members to show what a special and unique place we live (see credits). Enjoy!

Thanks for supporting Family Fun Day!

A big thank you to all supported the Family Fun Day on August 12th.  The joint fundraiser hosted by the Thetis Island Community Association and the Thetis Island Community Fund was a great success!  We met our goal to provide a family friendly, affordable and fun community gathering.  Thanks to the 100 or so folks who attended, we raised roughly $2,200, which will help TICA cover hall expenses and help the TICF support islanders in need of health care, education and senior care. 

The dunk tank was a great hit!  Special thanks to Kat Urton, Chad Kerr and Bill Sharp for being our dunkables. Thanks to all who donated prizes and pies, the balloon sale and silent pie auction were a great success.  Thank you Cat Fielding and Aislinn Cottell for providing the fish tank and face painting activities. 

A heartfelt thanks to all the other volunteers who helped make the Family Fun Day happen; Nicole Chiasson (lead organizer), Don Sinclair, Tricia Hunter, Chad Kerr, Ron Bannister, Matt Hess, Dee Smith, Ken Redman, Lynn Hunter, Anne-Marie Koeppen, Stephanie Cottell, our DJ Robin and many others who worked behind the scenes and chipped in!